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Smart Cutter

BLT 4 Series

BLT 4 Series

BLT 4 series, cost-effective smart cutter that focuses on 2D, 3D and bevel cutting machine, delivers a great performance with stable cutting, simple installation and setup, available for power levels below 30KW. Find more details in technical parameters.

Stable and Efficient Cutting

  • Brand new optical solutions come with closed-loop auto focusing.
  • Slag-free Cutting, Nozzle Cooling, and Water Cooling Sensor supportable.
  • Make cutting more stable and efficient.

Easy to Maintain

  • Ready-to-use optics drawer, lens changed in 5mins.

Low Cost to Repair

  • Protective screws keep cutting head from damage.
  • No time wasting on Depot Repair.

Smart and Safe Processing

  • Groups of internal sensors for real time closed-loop monitor.
  • Rapid diagnosis brings you early warning.

BLT 4 Series Smart Cutter Technical Parameters

Cutting Type 2 Dimension/Bevel 3 Dimension
Cutter Model BLT421 BLT441 BLT461 BLT481 BLT421T BLT441T
Power Level ≤8kW ≤15kW ≤20kW ≤30kW ≤8kW ≤15kW
Focal Distance 150/200 200 200 200 200 200
Size (mm) 404×122
Weight (kg) About 5.5
Auto Focus Range (mm) ±50
Laser Wavelength (mm) 1030-1090
Max Gas Pressure (Bar) 25
Function Spring Energized Seal Test / /
Protective Lens Monitor
Gas Pressure Monitor
Internal Amplifier
Nozzle Cooling / /
Water Cooling Sensor / /
Protective Screws

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