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High-Power Smart Cutter

BLT 5 Series

BLT 5 Series

BLT 5 Series smart cutters are especially developed for high-power tube cutting. Right angle optical path ensures stable cutting performance by moderating fiber swings. New designed mechanical structure supports 400MM×400MM H beam cutting. Multiple sensors combine with Auto Recut and Smart Piercing function bring you a safe, effective, and stable production.

Bevel Cutting

One-Step Forming

  • One-Step forming, process streamlined, efficiency improved. Maximum ±45 degrees bevel cutting and 400mmx400mm H beam supportable.

1.BLT 5-1

Right Angle Cutter

Effective Protection

  • Right angle cutter moderates optical fiber swings in machining, extending its lifespan.

Protective Screws

Simple Maintenance

  • Protective screws keep cutting head from damage. No time wasting on Depot Repair.

Gas Pressure Monitor

Better Performance

  • Real time monitor gas pressure brings you early warning for inadequate parameters.

Internal Amplifier

Stable Capacitance

  • Superior immunity against interference stabilizes capacitance.

BLT 5 Series High-Power Smart Cutter

Cutter ModelBLT520HBLT540H
Power Level≤8kW≤15kW
Fiber InterfaceQBH、EOCQBH、QD、Q+、ADD
Focal Distance(mm)200/250
Weight(kg)About 7.5
Auto Focus Range(mm)±50
Laser Wavelength(nm)1030-1090
Max Gas Pressure(Bar)25

BLT 5 Series Smart Cutter Feature

Auto RecutSmart PiercingFocusing Test
Protective ScrewsTemperature Monitor SensorWater Cooling Sensor
Right Angle Optical PathProtective Lens MonitorGas Pressure Monitor
Bevel Cutting400MM×400MM H Beam Supportable

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