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Ray Tools :Power Rating 6KW

Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head

BM06K Series

BM06K Series



Efficient Cooling

Cooling structure for both collimation module and focus module, and air cooling to nozzle which effectively protects the nozzle & ceramic part and extends the lifespan.

Multiple Cover Glasses

4 cover glasses designed to effectively decrease contamination risk during replacement of fiber &cover glass and extend the lifespan of collimation lens and focus lens.

Fast Focusing

Auto focus by moving collimation lens to achieve higher speed and bigger auto focus range.

Intelligent Monitoring

Monitoring to temperature of bottom cover glass could be accessed at mobile APP or computer desktop in real-time. Alarm output for overheating to protect the optical path system effectively.

Optimized Structural Design

Integrated design to ensure sealing. Improved fiber interface (QBH, QD, G5) to benefit their compatibility of lasers and prevent from being stuck for leaks and rusts.


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