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Crowning System

High Precision & Adaptive Crowning System

CNC crowning ensures a constant bend angle across the full length of the machine. This is achieved by preloading the machine, to offset any possible deflection under load or compensate for any tool wear, so that under load contacting surfaces are parallel to each other.


With CNC crowning systems the press brake control is preprogrammed with machine characteristics and deflection data. With manual crowning a simple spread sheet or chart can be easily developed for each application.

Deflection Compensation Workbench

Its feature is that the workbench body is divided into a cover plate and a base, with rectangular grooves on the base. Multiple groups of inclined blocks are installed in the square groove. Motor or manual adjustment is used to adjust the inclined block groups at different angles in the workbench. The deflection compensation curve is formed in the length direction, and the deflection compensation is automatically adjusted within the overall length of the Press brake. The CNC (electric) deflection compensation workbench can automatically transmit the displacement signal of the inclined block group to the CNC system of the machine tool through a displacement sensor.

RAYMAX PPO Family CNC Crowning

The RAYMAX Pro Adaptive CNC Crowning system enables the user to offset deformations of the beam while bending. thus, the angle is keeping constant along the entire plate length.


  • Easy reversibility of tools because of symmetrical adaption
  • Hand crank with digital readout or CNC electric drive connected direct to the machine
  • Hardened to 28–32 HRC which makes it substantially tougher than the competition
  • Micro crowning every 200mm
  • T & Y adjustable 0–0.76mm (0–0.030″)

Wila Tool Holders And Crowning System

This WILA system enables the user to offset deformations of the beam while bending. Thus, the angle is keeping constant along the entire plate length.


  • Easy reversibility of tools
  • Hydraulic Clamping
  • Quick clamping for the dies


  • Tool slot CNC-Deephardened
  • Drive unit CNC, Motor at one end
  • Designed for press brakes with UPB-II hole pattern

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