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Dynamic Adjustment Of Deflection Compensation For Workbenches

If the bending force and frame deformation of the machine tool change within the set bending length, manual adjustment of bending parameters is required. When processing complex workpieces, it will cause debugging time and waste of raw materials. After using dynamic deflection compensation, the press brake adjusts the deflection compensation amount of the workbench in real time according to the changes in bending force to ensure that the angle of the workpiece processed under different loads remains stable.

bending force and frame deformation

The dynamic hydraulic deflection compensation system brings the following advantages to users:

1. Reduce the difficulty of workpiece bending debugging.

2. Reduce the waste generated during the debugging process.

3. Simplify the process of trial bending and improve the processing efficiency of the equipment.

4. Improve the consistency of workpiece bending angle and enhance product quality.

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