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Brand Power, Innovation Leads to the Future-RAYMAX Participates in EMO Hannover 2023

EMO Hannover 2023: A Grand Commencement of the European Machine Tool Show at Hannover International Exhibition Center

The EMO Hannover 2023, also known as the European Machine Tool Show, commenced with grandeur on September 18, 2023, at the Hannover International Exhibition Center in Germany. This prestigious event stands as one of the world’s four major machine tool exhibitions, and the enthusiasm surrounding the European machine tool exhibition was palpable. The expansive exhibition covered a staggering area of 190,000 square meters, underscoring the magnitude of the showcase.

The Magnitude of EMO Hannover 2023-Gathered the top press brake manufacturers

The scale of participation was equally impressive, with a total of 1,850 exhibitors converging at the event. These exhibitors, representing cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the machine tool industry, collectively contributed to the dynamic atmosphere of the exhibition. As per preliminary estimates, an impressive count of 92,000 professional visitors thronged to the exhibition site, highlighting the event’s significance as a hub for industry professionals, enthusiasts, and experts.

Among the prominent participants was RAYMAX, fulfilling its commitment to being part of this momentous occasion. The company seized the opportunity to unveil its latest technologies and showcase its newest products, contributing to the overall diversity of innovations on display. RAYMAX’s presence added a significant dimension to the exhibition, allowing attendees to gain firsthand insights into the company’s cutting-edge contributions to the machine tool sector.

Notably, the exhibition served as a dynamic platform for interaction and collaboration. RAYMAX actively engaged with site customers and visitors, fostering meaningful conversations about its products and services. This direct exchange of information and ideas not only strengthened existing partnerships but also paved the way for potential collaborations and business opportunities.

As the curtains closed on EMO Hannover 2023, the echoes of technological advancements, business dialogues, and industry collaborations lingered. The event not only showcased the current state of the machine tool sector but also set the stage for future innovations and partnerships, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of global machine tool exhibitions.

Leading Press Brake Manufacturer-RAYMAX Unveiling the Future of Press Brake Machines with the RX-E Series Synchro Electric CNC Press Brake

At this exhibition, RAYMAX directed its spotlight towards the cutting-edge RX-E series synchro electric CNC Press Brake Machine. The realm of bending machines has experienced a transformative shift, evolving from traditional polygonal bending to the futuristic realm of electric bending machines. It is evident that electric technology is progressively becoming a dominant trend in the future of the bending machine industry.

In contrast to hydraulic press brake machines, the electric press brake machines showcased by RAYMAX boast superior characteristics. They operate with increased speed, emit less noise, and are inherently safer to use. These advancements underscore the commitment to innovation and efficiency that RAYMAX brings to the forefront of the machine tool sector.

While the exhibition may have concluded, our dedication to progress remains unwavering. RAYMAX is poised to intensify its investments in research and development, ensuring a continuous stream of technological innovation and product enhancements. This steadfast commitment reflects our mission to provide customers with not only high-quality but also highly efficient products and services. As we navigate the evolving landscape of the industry, we are determined to create enduring value for our customers, reinforcing our position as a frontrunner in the field of CNC press brake technology.

Professional Press Brake Machine Manufacturer- RAXMAX, as a highpoint of EMO Hannover 2023

Our main business includes press brakes, shearing machines, hydraulic press machines, fibre laser cutting machines, and punching machines. With over 21 years of experience,  we are dedicated to the development, production and sales of sheet metal equipment.

What industries are our press brake machines used in?

We specialize in supplying comprehensive sets of metal sheet and profile processing machinery tailored for diverse industries such as automobiles, ships, railways, aviation, electric power, petrochemicals, and light industry.

Where are our press brake machines exported to?

Our products have a widespread presence across the country and are also exported to various regions, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Western Europe, North America, South America, and other global markets.

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