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Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Category Shearing Machine

  • Totally EU streamlined design, Monoblock by welding robots & apparatus and stress relief process by Annealing treatment.
  • Adopt integrated hydraulic system, more reliable and easy for maintenance. and the hydraulic system from Bosch-Rexroth, Germany.
  • Mechanical synchronous mechanism and the complex compensation are designed so as to raise the workpieces precision.
  • The stroke and distance of the backgauge is adjusted by the motor and is well adjusted by hand,the adjustment is displayed by E21.
  • Inch, single mode being designed for the machine and reversing and maintain time can be controlled by the time relays.
  • Safe fence and the electric interlocker have been designed for the machine to ensure the operation safety.

Shearing Machine Supplier Provides Your best Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Swing Beam Sheet Metal Shear is the most common cutting machine in steel plate fabrication workshop, reasonable cutting gaps help better cutting edges results, NC positioning & program cutting controller can determine shearing flanges to meet your metal cutting jobs.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine Technical Parameters

For more detailed parameters, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Model Cutting thickness (mm) Cutting length (mm) Cutting Angel (°) Stopper Adjust Range (mm) Stroke time (min-1) Motor (KW) Dimension(mm) Weight (t)
QC12Y-4X2500 4 2500 1.5 500 18 7.5 2900x1500x1580 3.1
QC12Y-4X3200 4 3200 1.5 500 14 7.5 3580x1500x1580 5.2
QC12Y-4X4000 4 4000 1.5 500 12 7.5 4480x1500x1580 6.7
QC12Y-6X2500 6 2500 1.5 500 18 7.5 2990x1650x1620 4.6
QC12Y-6X3200 6 3200 1.5 500 14 7.5 3690x1650x1620 5.9
QC12Y-6X4000 6 4000 1.5 500 12 7.5 4480x1850x1700 7.7
QC12Y-6X6000 6 6000 1.5 500 12 11 6480x2000x2000 15.0
QC12Y-8X2500 8 2500 1.5 500 18 11 2990x1700x1700 5.0
QC12Y-8X3200 8 3200 1.5 500 14 11 3690x1700x1700 6.0
QC12Y-8X4000 8 4000 1.5 500 12 11 4480x1850x1700 8.0
QC12Y-8X6000 8 6000 1.5 500 12 15 6480x2000x2000 17.0
QC12Y-10X2500 10 2500 2 500 14 15 2990x1700x1700 8.3
QC12Y-10X3200 10 3200 2 500 14 15 3690x1700x1700 10.2
QC12Y-10X4000 10 4000 2 500 12 18.5 4480x1850x1750 11.5
QC12Y-10X6000 10 6000 2 500 4 18.5 6450x2450x2350 19.0
QC12Y-12X2500 12 2500 2 500 7 18.5 3050x2100x2000 9.3
QC12Y-12X3200 12 3200 2 500 7 18.5 3495x2100x2000 11.2
QC12Y-12X4000 12 4000 2 500 6 18.5 4450x2150x2000 11.0
QC12Y-12X6000 12 6000 2.3 500 4 18.5 6450X2350X2650 23.0

Shearing Machine Manual Download

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Shearing Machine Video

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Standard Equipment

Control System - ESTUN 21S


Control System - CYBELEC CybTouch 8

CYBELEC CybTouch 8

Plate Shearing Machine Optional Configuration

Pneumatic Back Support

Pneumatic Back Support: Rear pneumatic support system provides support and allows more precise cuts by keeping the material lifted throughout the cut, avoiding hanging down the wide and thin sheets.

Light Curtain

Light Curtain: Protect operator from dangerous operation.

Front Feeding Table

Front Feeding Table: Feeding the metal sheet automatically controlled by CNC Controller with high precision and efficiency.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine Application

The shearing machine can cut the following materials:

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Products Details

Hydraulic Sheet Shearing Machine


It is derived from German brand motor, energy saving and environmental protection, low noise and stable performance.


Oil Pump

Oil pump ensures long service life and reduce noise when working

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic System

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic System

With integrated valve block, it alleviates problems caused by leakage of hydraulic fluid.


Rolling steel ball of workbench can reduce friction, protect the workpiece surface; delicate design is convenient for cutting petty materials by hand.

Safety Fence

Protective guards on each side can protect the operator's safety, and can clearly see the shearing situation, which is safe and convenient.

Germany EMB Casing Tube

Germany EMB Casing Tube

The EMB Casing Tube and connectors effectively reduce the adds against welding slag jamming the values and affect oil flowing.

Pressing Mechanism

The pressing head presses down to compress the plate when cutting plate.

Blade Clearance Adjustment

Blade Clearance Adjustment

Rapid adjustment mechanism for rearranging blade clearance, easy operation by hand, realizing stepless adjustment of blade clearance.

HIWIN Ball Screw & Linear Guide

HIWIN Ball Screw & Linear Guide

High-precision backgauge device, fine ball screw and polished rod structure, high performance motor drive, ensuring the positioning accuracy, unique timing transmission mechanism, reliable and stable.

Pedal Switch

Pedal Switch

Enhancing the service life and operational sensitivity and never broken up.

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Table of Contents

What is the working principle of hydraulic swing beam shearing machine?

Hydraulic swing beam shearing machine is a common machine, which is driven by an electric motor to swing the pendulum arm up and down, so as to realize the shearing of metal plates. Its working principle is relatively simple, mainly through the swing of the swing arm and the pressure device to achieve the purpose of shearing.

What is the application of hydraulic swing beam shearing machine?

Hydraulic swing beam shearing machine is suitable for narrow metal plate shear, such as angle steel, channel steel and so on.

Maintenance and repair of hydraulic swing beam shearing machine

Hydraulic swing beam shearing machine maintenance and repair is relatively simple, mainly need to check the fastening of the components, lubrication and so on.

How to choose a shearing machine?

Mainly looking at the performance parameters of the shearing machine, the power of the main motor, the width and thickness of the board that the shearing machine can cut, the weight, the adjustment of the slider stroke, the number of cuts per minute, the cutting angle, and other parameters.

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