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Press brake production is essential to a variety of manufacturing industries. The work done in these production plants helps engineers in the automotive, aircraft, and construction industries bring their designs to life.

RayMaxbending is located in the Bowang District, Maanshan, Anhui, and has been at the same location for over 21 years. This stability has ensured that the company grew strong developing its technique and finding the right equipment to produce world-class results.


It takes skilled workers and management to produce results that are top-quality and have a worldwide reach. RayMaxBending is one of those companies filled with skilled workers and management.


Whether your designs need a press brake, shearing machine, hydraulic press machine, fiber laser cutting machine, or punching machine, RayMax manufactures the press brake machine to do the work.


RaymaxBending’s 21 years of experience have enabled the company to work with a variety of industries throughout the world.

Plus: RayMax Bending’s work has contributed to the following industries- automobiles, ships, railways, aviation, electric power, petrochemicals, light industry, and other industries.


Press Brake Machine

Press brake is a machine designed to bend sheet & plate metal into a variety of shapes and sizes. The machine uses a punch and die system that is strong enough to handle the pressure needed to bend those metal sheets or plates.

Types of Press Brake Machine

There are 5 types of press brake machines in operation today.

1. The Hydraulic Model- a very powerful and versatile machine that uses hydraulic cylinders to bend the metal pieces

Types of Press Brake Machine

2. The Pneumatic Model- this option uses compressed air to generate the force needed to reshape the metal sheets. It is easy to use and fast

3. The Mechanical Model- uses a flywheel and crank design to do the same work but this is also a very accurate and quick machine to use

4. The Electric Model- a very precise machine that generates the force needed using electricity. It is also energy-efficient

Types of Press Brake Machine

5. The Manual Model- the simplest and most affordable machine its power is manually generated

Raymax Press Brake Machine

RayMax is a world-class press brake machine manufacturer. The company has developed a variety of press brake machines that will meet your design demands.

Its RX series of press brake machines work with a range of 2 to 8 axis. The Tandem press brake machine has a standard 2-axis system but it can be customized to 3 or 4-axis if the design is complicated.

RayMax’s electric model works with 4, 6 & 8 axis and when operating correctly it can save up to 60% on power usage. Then their Hybrid model works with 8 axis and is computer-controlled for maximum results.

Also, the company produces several hydraulic press brakes. Its Y27Y model works with plastic and makes overloading impossible. All 5 of the hydraulic press brake machines can have their power adjusted as well as work with a variety of plastics and metals.

In addition to these top-of-the-line press brake machines, RayMax also makes hydraulic swing beam and guillotine shearing machines. Along with 5 laser cutting machines. Each machine comes with the features your company will need to do the job right.

Raymax Press Brake Machine

Commitment to excellence


The company has created an excellent work culture that ensures its products meet international standards and approval This work culture starts with seeing the customer as the most important element in their business.


Customers Satisfaction

Its work ethic is that the customer is first, closely followed by honesty and trustworthiness. Then the management has developed a win-win attitude when it comes to meeting customer needs which is supported by their professional behavior.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for RayMaxBending. Another important element in the company’s culture is top-shelf customer service. They know that they will not receive repeat customers if they falter at providing the best customer service in this industry.

The supporting feature for those ideal cultural attitudes is the company’s reluctance to rest on its laurels. It continues to do research and development to ensure its customers are always getting the cutting edge of technology.


Finally, RayMax spends a lot of time developing its management core. This priority ensures that the customer is given the best service, top-notch technology, and the highest priority when they engage in RayMax’s services.

The management style is from the top down where management sets the example for its workers. This work ethic helps keep the company competitive as well as produce the top-quality press brake machines its customers want.

Contact Us

You can contact RayMaxBending through a variety of channels:

  • +86-13645551070
  • WhatsApp:+8613645551070
  • Wechat:13645551070

When you want top-quality press brakes China has the company that will meet that demand.

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