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RX-3015 Plate And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine

RX-3015 Plate And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine

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The plate and pipe dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine adopts a cast iron bed, a rack and pinion drive system, and a professional cutting and cutting pipe of the CNC system, so that the user is easy to use and simple to operate and maintain.

1.The machine is designed suitable for both sheet and pipe cutting
2.600 ℃ tempering, with 24 hours cooling in furnace ,by using imported finishing gantry milling precision.
3.Adopted high definition fiber laser source, with high speed and precision
4.Integrated design for the whole machine with left and right funnels as collectors to save space.

Specially used for cutting 0.5mm-25mm carbon steel sheets and pipes: 0.5mm-10mm stainless steel sheets and pipes: galvanized steel sheets and pipes; electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheets and pipes; silicon steel sheets and pipes and other kinds of thin metal sheets and pipes. The pipes diameter is from 20mm-p200mm.

Plate And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameters

Product Model 3015 6015 4020 6020
Working Area 3000*1500mm 6000*1500mm 4000*2000mm 6000*2000m
Laser Power 1000W、1500W、2000W、3000W、4000W
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm/m
Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Voltage 380VAC±10%/50Hz
Cutting Pipe Performance 3015GT 3015GT 4020GT 6020GT
Maximun Moving Speed 120m/min
Maximun Cutting Speed 60m/min
Drive System High precision gear and rack+high precision linear guide rail
Plate Cutting Performance 3015GT 6015GT 4020GT 6020GT
Pipe Dimension Circular tube 20~200mm/Square tube 20*20mm~150*150mm
Processing Tube Type Round tubes,rectangular tube,elliptical tubes, Utubes etc.
Maximum Pipe Length 3000mm-15000mm
Fast Moving Speed 30m/min
Rotational Speed 150r/min
Drive System High precision gear and rack+high precision linear guide rail

Plate And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine Manual Download

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Plate And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine Video

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Plate And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine Advantages

Professional cutting and cutting pipe of the CNC system, so that the user is easy to use and simple to operate and maintain.

Plate And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine Standard Equipment

Equipped with a special fiber laser cutting head and a capacitive non-contact automatic tracking system, it can automatically adjust the best focal length to ensure the best cutting effect of the whole board, and avoid the material scrap caused by the change of focal length when the material is uneven.

9 Fiber Laser Cutting Head and Automatic Tracking System

The mobile gantry structure can maintain long-term stability and anti-vibration; the aluminum beam has been professionally manufactured by professional large-scale enterprises, secondary aging treatment, and precision machining by large gantry milling machines to ensure the rigidity and stability of the machine tool. Good performance. The equipment has high precision, good rigidity and stable operation.

9 Machine Tool System

After professional manufacturing by professional large enterprises, secondary aging treatment, large-scale gantry milling machine precision processing, these design and processing methods ensure that the machine tool has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability.

9 Machine Base

The lower part of the bed is equipped with a partition collector, which can automatically remove waste materials and collect small parts in the production process.

9 Slag discharge system

The workbench is connected by an industrial dust collector, which is flexible and convenient. It collects dust on the spot and handles it on the spot. It uses a high-power turbo fan with strong suction, which can effectively ensure the cleanliness of the air and ensure a clean and tidy production environment. With sound-absorbing material inside, the noise reduction effect is obvious, so there is no need to worry about noise interference.
Dust removal system

It adopts high-quality rack and pinion transmission and bilateral linear guides; and adopts the original servo motor drive system imported from Japan. Its control has the characteristics of stronger stability and better compatibility to ensure the machine tool under high-speed motion. Accuracy.

9 Transmission System

The fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a red light collimator, which can help the operator to calibrate the laser cutting head at any position on the plate.

The fiber laser is equipped with a water-cooling system. The temperature of the refrigeration unit is displayed by a digital meter. The refrigeration unit will automatically cool when the water temperature exceeds the specified temperature, and the refrigeration unit will automatically stop cooling when the water temperature is below the specified temperature, with electric heating function.

Plate And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine Application

The laser cutting machine can cut most metal materials with a cutting thickness of up to 50mm.
Widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising sign production, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts, kitchenware, automobiles, machinery, metal crafts, saw blades, electrical parts, glasses industry, springs, circuit boards, electric kettles, medical micro Electronics, hardware, knife measuring tools and other industries.

Plate And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Sample

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Products Details

Plate And Tube Integrated Laser Cutting Machine

9 Laser Source

Laser Source

The fiber laser generator adopts MAX fiber source, with stable performance, suitable for 24 hours continuous operation, meeting the requirements of laser industrial production without interruption
Optional : IPG fiber source, Raycus fiber source

Swiss Raytool Laser Cutting Head

Swiss imported raytool laser cutting head with autofocus
High cutting speed and best cutting quality
Easier faster protective glass cartridge change
Temperature constant distance control and Scale for setting the focus position in lateral and vertical position

9 Transmission System

Transmission System

Work with HIWIN guide rail, gear rack transmission system improve cutting speed compare to ball screw transmission. Also can keep good stability and high precision when do cutting.

Double Temperature Double Control System

Fiber lasers above 500W need to be equipped with a fiber laser chiller. The higher the power, the higher the cooling capacity of the fiber laser chiller.

10 Stable and Solid Bed

Stable And Solid Bed

Strictly make table with hardening, tempering and annealing treatment to ensure no deformation during long time production. Body welded sheet thickness 12mm. Max can load 500KG metal sheet, no distortion after long time use.

9 Control Cabinet

Control Cabinet

We use Cypcut, which is the most famous brand in this line. Support multiple languages, simple and clear, easy to operate.

Japan's Fuji or Yaskawa Servo Drive

Bear 3 times rated torque load, high speed good performance, strong overload protection

Self-centering Chuck

Automatic electric chuck, claw DC motor drive, clamping motor current is sensitive, adjustable and stable; Self-centering electric chuck, gear transmission mode, higher transmission efficiency, long working life and high work reliability.

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Table of Contents

Advantages of plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine

  1. One machine is multi-purpose, can cut thick and thin, or cut board or pipe can reduce the footprint and save investment costs.
  2. Professional laser cutting system, processing can be carried out at any time to cut the plate, cut the pipe conversion, with graphics layout and sharp corner smoothing function, can achieve high-speed punching and marking function, the cutting head can automatically find the edge to locate the center of the pipe position.
  3. It can continuously cut copper, brass, galvanized plate and other high anti- material to realize high precision cutting of each metal plate.

Disadvantages of plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine

It depends on the demand, plate and tube machine although cost-effective, but the use of only one kind of cut, if the pipe is not a lot of words, you can use the tube and plate machine, if the plate and tube processing volume are quite a lot of precision requirements, then it is recommended to purchase separately.

How to choose the laser pipe cutting or plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine?

If the plate and pipe processing are involved, and the pipe processing only accounts for a small amount, you can choose this small footprint, low investment costs of the plate and tube machine.

But cutting plate and pipe cutting can not be carried out at the same time, in order to ensure the cutting accuracy of the plate cutting machine, the space reserved for the pipe cutting machine is relatively small, servo bracket, pneumatic bracket and the front receiving frame are not good configuration, so when the processing of pipe fittings is a large amount of very intensive, it is still recommended to choose a professional laser pipe cutting machine, compared to the plate and pipe integrated pipe cutting, cutting accuracy and speed will have a certain advantage.


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