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5 RX-E Seires Synchro Electric CNC Press Brake Machine 4-6-8Axis

RX-E Series Synchro Electric CNC Press Brake Machine 4-6-8 Axis

Category Press Brake

  • It adopts all-electric servo design precision folding bed, and has a high-rigidity and stable body design.
  • With high-speed back gauge and precision dual-servo motor spindle drive, it can achieve stable processing with high-speed precision.
  • It can greatly save 60% of the power used, and there is no need to replace the oil and oil pressure valve regularly.
  • There is no problem of oil temperature change affecting the machining accuracy, which can reduce the influence of thermal effect.
  • It is suitable for rapid production of small samples and stable processing of a large number of high-speed and high-precision.
  • It can be used in multi-stage continuous combined bending processing, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Synchro Electric CNC Press Brake Machine 4-6-8 Axis Technical Parameters

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Type Nominal pressure Workbench length Poles distance (mm) Max Opening Height Throat depth Slider speed(mm/s) X-axis stroke R-axis stroke Weight Dimensions L*W*H  Motor (kw)
Rapid speed Return speed Work speed
30T1250 300 1250 1010 465 300 200 180 0-30 450 150 3.8 2000*1600*2490 2*12
40T1600 400 1600 1360 560 300 200 180 0-30 450 150 4.5 2200*1600*2590 2*12
60T2000 600 2000 1800 560 350 200 180 0-30 500 150 5.5 2700*1700*2690 2*24.1
70T2500 700 2500 2100 560 350 200 180 0-30 500 150 6.5 3000*1700*2690 2*24.1


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Synchro Electric CNC Press Brake Machine 4-6-8 Axis Introduction to Configuration

FEA & Stress Analysis

Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis.

The CAE software SOLIDWORKS is used as the method to analyze the linear static construction, stress, and deformation for press break and laser cutting machine frames. So for complicated structures, highly complex loading, transient modeling, and a combination of the above, FEA makes sense.

Configuration Of Synchro Electric CNC Press BrakeMachine 4-6-8 Axis



Advantages of synchro electric cnc press brake machine 4-6-8 axis

Special Power Saving

The difference in electricity consumption between an all-electric servo bending machine and an electro-hydraulic CNC bending machine is like the difference between an inverter air conditioner and an ordinary air conditioner. The all-electric servo bending machine automatically outputs the appropriate power according to the working conditions, and the power consumption during idle time is less than 0.5kw, so special power saving.

Green And Environmental Protection

No need to use and replace hydraulic oil, which ends the pollution of waste hydraulic oil to the environment.

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Products Details

Synchro Electric CNC Press Brake Machine 4-6-8 Axis

Fast Clamping

Fast Clamping

Using mechanical fast clamp for upper dies, changing dies more convenient and safe.

High precision heavy duty lead screw


The transmission slider reciprocates, the output force is stable, the transmission precision is high, and the consistency of the bending pressure is guaranteed.

Front Plate Support

Front Plate Support

Movable front material support on linear guider can move left and right by hand very easy.

High precision backgauge

High Precision Backgauge

Using servo motor to drive the positioning axis, the mechanical structure is compact, the running speed is fast, the stability is high, and the repeated positioning accuracy is high.

Inovance Servo Motor

General standard imported circuit board components, convenient maintenance, high torque, high precision, fast response, low noise and so on.

DA66T Control System

DA66T Control System

The DA-66T Touch controls feature the embedded, real-time Windows operating system for maximum reliability. Smooth start-ups ensured, even after instant shut-off.

Foot Pedal Switch

Foot Pedal Switch

It is movable and can stop the machine anytime by the emergency button.

DSP Laser Safety Protection

DSP Laser Safety Protection (Optional)

DSP laser safety protection device comprehensively protects the personal safety of bending machine operators and avoids danger due to the rapid movement of the slider on the machine.

Want to get the price of our synchro electric cnc press brake machine 4-6-8 axis?

Get in touch with our team of experts to receive professional suggestions.

Table of Contents

What are the advantages of synchro-electric cnc press brake 4-6-8 axis?

Energy saving
One of the advantages of pure electric servo drive technology is that the input power of the motor is directly proportional to the power of the load, and consumes a lot of power when bending, consumes little power when the slider rises with no load, and basically consumes no power when the slider stops. However, even if the slider does not work, the main motor and hydraulic pump of the hydraulic servo bending machine are still running continuously, consuming electricity. In addition, the main drive efficiency of pure electric servo press brake is more than 95%, and the hydraulic drive efficiency of hydraulic servo press brake machine is less than 80%, and the efficiency of the hydraulic system components is lower after aging and wear.

Environmental protection
Pure electric servo press brake machine does not use hydraulic oil, do not replace the hydraulic oil, do not replace the hydraulic components, do not replace or replace the system daily hydraulic oil leakage, no waste oil treatment and pollution. Fast sliding speed, high productivity, fast slider speed.

High bending precision
Adjustable bending speed of pure electric servo press brake machine, according to different thickness, material and bending length to set a more appropriate bending speed, improve bending accuracy, maintain high productivity.
Hydraulic press brake machine bending angle error within ±1°, while the main drive of servo bending machine through the servo motor drive screw drive, transmission precision is higher, through the bending angle of a variety of specifications of the plate measurement, can be very good to ensure that the bending angle error within ±0.5°.

Low maintenance cost
The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press brake machine needs to be replaced regularly; pumps, valves and seals are prone to malfunction and damage, and the hydraulic system is easily contaminated, so it is difficult to detect and eliminate failures. Once the hydraulic system is contaminated, cleaning the system becomes difficult and causes environmental pollution. Pure electric servo press brake machine drive system is simple, basically no maintenance costs, only regular lubrication.

What are the differences between pure electric bending machine and oil-electric hybrid bending machine?

Structure:synchro-electric cnc press brake to the motor and the system as the main driving force, the machine structure is relatively simple, while the hydraulic press brake machine is composed of motors and hydraulic pumping stations, cylinders, etc., the machine structure is more complex than the synchro-electric cnc press brake.

Working principle: synchro-electric cnc press brake mainly through the motor-driven hydraulic system to achieve the bending operation, while the hydraulic press brake machine through the motor-driven pump station will be sent to the cylinder oil pressure to achieve bending.

The use of the scene: because the synchro-electric cnc press brake is mainly driven by electric power, so it is more suitable for energy consumption, pollution and sound and other aspects of the strict requirements of the occasion. The hydraulic press brake machine is more suitable for bending higher precision and faster speed occasions.

Maintenance of synchro-electric cnc press brake 4-6-8 axis

  1. After each work, synchro-electric cnc press brake 4-6-8 axis should be cleaned to prevent debris from entering the interior of the equipment.
  2. The cleaning and filtration cycle of the secondary pressurized engine oil should not exceed 40 hours, and any pressure leakage must be promptly eliminated.
  3. Regularly inspect the electrical components of synchro-electric cnc press brake 4-6-8 axis, such as power supply, cable lines, connectors, contactors, etc., and replace damaged parts in a timely manner.

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