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1-RX-N Series NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis

RX-N Series NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis

Category Press Brake

  • Standard two axis control (X.Y)
  • Mechanical torque synchronization (torsion bar)
  • The whole machine is in sheet plate welded structure, with internal stress eliminated by vibration aging technology, ensure machine high strength and good rigidity
  • Electrical control and manual fine-tuning mode are adopted for distance of rear stopper and stroke of slider, and installed with digital display device, easy and quick for operator
  • Quick clamping is equipped, it is convenient for operator to install and get offer punch

NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis Technical Parameters

For more detailed parameters, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Type Nominal pressure (KN) Workbench length (mm) Workbench width (mm) Poles distance (mm) Throat depth (mm) Main motor (kw) Dimensions L*W*H (mm)
50*2500 500 2500 800 1900 250 5.5 2500*1250*2000
63*2500 630 2500 850 1900 320 5.5 2500*1500*2200
63*3200 630 3200 850 2600 320 5.5 3200*1500*2200
80*2500 800 2500 850 1900 320 7.5 2500*1600*2270
80*3200 800 3200 850 2600 320 7.5 3200*1600*2270
100*2500 1000 2500 850 1900 320 7.5 2500*1700*2420
100*3200 1000 3200 850 2600 320 7.5 3200*1700*2420
100*4000 1000 4000 850 3100 320 7.5 4000*1700*2420
125*2500 1250 2500 850 1900 320 7.5 2500*1750*2450
125*3200 1250 3200 850 2600 320 7.5 3200*1750*2450
125*4000 1250 4000 850 3100 320 7.5 4000*1750*2450
160*2500 1600 2500 900 1900 320 11 2500*1800*2700
160*3200 1600 3200 900 2600 320 11 3200*1800*2700
160*4000 1600 4000 900 3100 320 11 4000*1800*2700
160*6000 1600 6000 900 5000 320 11 6000*1900*2700
200*3200 2000 3200 900 2600 320 11 3200*2000*2700


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NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis Introduction to Configuration

FEA & Stress Analysis

Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis.

The CAE software SOLIDWORKS is used as the method to analyze the linear static construction, stress, and deformation for press break and laser cutting machine frames. So for complicated structures, highly complex loading, transient modeling, and a combination of the above, FEA makes sense.

Standard Equipment

NC Control System - ESTUN E21


Optional NC System

E 200

  • Color LCD high-definition display screen, available in both Chinese and English languages.
  • With high control accuracy and a resolution of up to 0.001.
  • Built in PLC with machine tool action control function
  • Adjustable return distance
  • It has self diagnosis and real-time alarm functions
  • Reserve secure interfaces for easy expansion
  • With one click parameter backup and recovery function

  • 4 axes are supported, viz, X-axis, Y-axis, R-axis, and C-axis.
  • The back gauge can be controlled with high accuracy since the servo systems control X-axis and R-axis.
  • Automatic calculation of the block position, according to the bending angle, material, thickness, and mold parameters.
  • The back gauge can be controlled with high accuracy since the servo systems control X-axis and R-axis.
  • Optional hydraulic or mechanical to control the C-axis.
  • Program in absolute value or angle.
  • Materials and die information are programm
  • Language setting and unit setting.

  • High definition LCD display
  • Slide stop position control
  • Rear blocking control
  • Angle programming
  • Mold parameter settings
  • Material escape control function
  • 100 programs
  • Each program has 25 steps
  • Panel mounted
  • Servo control, variable frequency control, and dual speed AC control

  • 7” color graphic CRT screen
  • 2D graphic profile creation with manual sequencing
  • Up to 4 axes (Y1,Y2 + 2-axes)
  • Bend allowance calculation.
  • Pressure – crowning calculation.
  • CNC Crowning control
  • Angle and back gauge correction.
  • Delivered with PC1200 offline software.

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Products Details

Fast Clamping

Fast Clamping

Using mechanical fast clamp for upper dies, changing dies more convenient and safe.



The standard top punch and dual-V bottom die are specially designed for bending sheet metals. More press brake toolings can be selected as per your practical use.

Front Plate Support

Front Plate Support

Movable front material support on linear guider can move left and right by hand very easy.

Adjustable Finger Block

Adjustable Finger Block

The stop finger can move smoothly on the linear guide and can be adjusted up and down, which is convenient, efficient and easy to control.

Torque Synchronous Control System

Torsion Bar Synchronization System

Adopt steel torsion bar synchronization system with high accuracy . At the 2 ends of the ram, there are 2 synchronizing devices so that the ram movement is always parallel to the worktable.

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic System

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic System

Hydraulic transmission with high reliability, integrated hydraulic system can effectively alleviate problems caused by leakage of hydraulic fluid.

Siemens Motor

Siemens Motor

Using Siemens motor guarantee the machine service life and improve the machine working stability.


Pizzato Pedal Switch

Impact resistance
High temperature resistance

Want to get the price of NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis?

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Table of Contents

What Is NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis?

The NC hydraulic press brake machine featuring the E21 integrated hydraulic control system is designed with a compact structure, minimizing piping connections. This design not only enhances system reliability but also simplifies maintenance procedures. The machine operates with synchronized twisted axes and incorporates two pendulum arms at both ends of the ram, ensuring that the ram movement remains parallel to the working table. This configuration provides a high resistance to deflection during operation.

To maintain precise bending angles during continuous operation, the lower limit stroke of the cylinder is set by a mechanical gear block, preventing any drift. The backstop and ram stroke can be manually fine-tuned, and the E21 system includes a digital display for easy monitoring. The slider employs upper drive technology, offering a wide speed adjustment range for stable and reliable performance. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a compensation function, ensuring high bending accuracy.

Advantages of NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis

Precision and Accuracy

The E21 2 Axis ensures precise control over the bending process, resulting in accurate angles and dimensions. This level of precision is crucial in industries where tolerances are minimal.

Increased Productivity

Automation facilitated by the E21 2 Axis significantly reduces manual intervention, leading to faster production cycles. This translates to increased productivity and a quicker turnaround for projects.

Cost-Effective Solutions

While investing in advanced technology may seem daunting, the long-term cost savings offered by the E21 2 Axis, through reduced material waste and enhanced efficiency, make it a cost-effective solution for metal fabrication.

1-RX-N Series NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis

How to Operate NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis

Setup and Calibration

Operational efficiency begins with proper setup and calibration. The E21 2 Axis simplifies this process, allowing operators to quickly configure the press brake for specific tasks.

Programming Techniques

The user-friendly interface of E21 2 Axis makes programming straightforward. Operators can easily input bending parameters, sequence details, and other specifications to achieve the desired results.

Safety Measures

While enjoying the benefits of automation, it’s crucial to implement safety measures. E21 2 Axis systems are equipped with safety features to protect operators and maintain a secure working environment.

Can NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis handle complex shapes?

Yes, the E21 2 Axis is designed to handle complex bending sequences, allowing for the production of intricate shapes with precision.

Is it suitable for small-scale workshops?

Absolutely, the versatility and scalability of NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis make it suitable for both small-scale workshops and large-scale manufacturing facilities.

What are the energy efficiency features of NC Press Brake with E21 2 Axis?

E21 2 Axis optimizes bending processes, reducing idle times and energy consumption, contributing to overall energy efficiency in metal fabrication.

Product use operation procedure of NC press brake machine with E21 2 Axis

  1. Before starting the machine, check whether there is any foreign matter on the machine, and check whether the electrical of the machine is normal.
  2. When the machine is in use, start the main power of the machine first, and then start the other power.
  3. Turn on the power, rotate the power knob to not move when you can.
  4. When selecting the mold, the upper mold angle should be less than or equal to the lower mold angle.
  5. Hold the mold lightly and do not collide with other metal objects to avoid damaging the mold.
  6. Before calibrating the mold, wipe the fixture clean first, then put the die on the working table and wipe it clean, pay special attention to the V groove of the lower die, there should be no iron debris, wipe it clean before loading it into the machine tool.
  7. When calibrating the mold, when the distance between the upper mold tip and the lower mold V-groove is relatively close (4-5mm), it is necessary to use a slow rise and closely monitor the pressure value changes. When the pressure reaches the set pressure at the origin, the D value will automatically return to zero.
  8. When adjusting the compression mold must be cut off the power supply, after stopping the operation.
  9. When changing the opening of the variable bending lower mold, do not allow any material to contact the lower mold.
  10. 10. When CNC press brake isin the work, the rear of the machine is not allowed to stand people.
  11. It is strictly prohibited to press and bend sheet material at one end alone.
  12. When the machine is running found that the workpiece or mold is not correct, should stop the machine to correct, it is strictly prohibited to correct the operation of the hand in order to prevent injury to the hand.
  13. 13. Prohibit the folding of ultra-thick iron plate or hardened steel plate, high-grade alloy steel, square steel and more than the performance of the plate bending machine sheet, in order to avoid damage to the machine tool.
  14. Regularly check the overlap between the upper and lower molds of the CNC press brake machine; Does the pressure gauge indicate compliance with regulations.
  15. If there is any abnormality in the CNC press brake machine, stop it immediately, check the cause and promptly eliminate it.
  16. Before shutting down the CNC press brakemachine, wooden blocks should be placed on the bottom diebelow the oil cylinders on both sides to lower the upper sliding plate onto the wooden blocks.
  17. Exit the control system program first, and then cut off the power.

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