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5 RX-TM Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

RX-TM Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Tube fiber laser cutting machine is for cutting various pipes and channel steel.
It can cut surface and cut 360°in U type steel, C type steel, H-beam, rectangular tube, round tube, horseshoe tube and other special -shaped tubes with infinite rotary cutting .

Pipe/Tube Laser Cutting Machine Price Technical Parameters

Laser power 1000W-6000W
Maximum pipe length 12000mm
Maximum single pipe weight 25Kg/m
X axis Positioning accuracy 0.05mm
Positioning speed 120m/min
Repeatability accuracy 0.05mm
Y axis Positioning accuracy 0.05mm
Positioning speed 80m/min
Repeatability accuracy 0.03mm
Z axis Positioning speed 60m/min


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Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine Advantages

Expert grade ultrahigh speed automatic laser pipe cutting machine, with strong cutting ability, ultra-high stability, high-quality processing, automatic feeding system, extremely low operating cost and ultra-high adaptability. It is the model of metal pipe processing industry.

Fiber Laser Pipe Tube Cutting Machine Application

The laser cutting machine can cut most metal materials with a cutting thickness of up to 50mm.
Widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising sign production, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts, kitchenware, automobiles, machinery, metal crafts, saw blades, electrical parts, glasses industry, springs, circuit boards, electric kettles, medical micro Electronics, hardware, knife measuring tools and other industries.

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Products Details

laser cutting machine for pipe

9 Laser Source

Laser Source

The fiber laser generator adopts MAX fiber source, with stable performance, suitable for 24 hours continuous operation, meeting the requirements of laser industrial production without interruption
Optional : IPG fiber source, Raycus fiber source

Swiss Raytool Laser Cutting Head

Swiss imported raytool laser cutting head with autofocus
High cutting speed and best cutting quality
Easier faster protective glass cartridge change
Temperature constant distance control and Scale for setting the focus position in lateral and vertical position

9 Transmission System

Transmission System

Work with HIWIN guide rail, gear rack transmission system improve cutting speed compare to ball screw transmission. Also can keep good stability and high precision when do cutting.

Double Temperature Double Control System

Fiber lasers above 500W need to be equipped with a fiber laser chiller. The higher the power, the higher the cooling capacity of the fiber laser chiller.

10 Stable and Solid Bed

Stable And Solid Bed

Strictly make table with hardening, tempering and annealing treatment to ensure no deformation during long time production. Body welded sheet thickness 12mm. Max can load 500KG metal sheet, no distortion after long time use.

9 Control Cabinet

Control Cabinet

We use Cypcut, which is the most famous brand in this line.
Support multiple languages, simple and clear, easy to operate.

Japan's Fuji or Yaskawa Servo Drive

Bear 3 times rated torque load, high speed good performance, strong overload protection

Self-centering Chuck

Automatic electric chuck, claw DC motor drive, clamping motor current is sensitive, adjustable and stable; Self-centering electric chuck, gear transmission mode, higher transmission efficiency, long working life and high work reliability.

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