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The 134th Canton Fair: RAYMAX Confidently Goes Abroad

134th Canton Fair Unveils Expanded Horizons: A Showcase of Innovation and Excellence in Guangzhou

On October 15, the 134th Canton Fair opened its doors in Guangzhou, marking a significant milestone in its history. This year’s fair boasted a notable expansion, with the exhibition area growing by 50,000 square meters compared to the previous session. The number of exhibition areas also increased to 55, featuring a diverse array of topics such as new energy vehicles, smart mobility, new materials, and chemical products. These additions have captured the attention and heightened the expectations of participants from various sectors.

The event attracted over 30,000 offline exhibitors, including more than 5,000 high-quality enterprises bearing titles such as manufacturing individual champions and national high-tech enterprises. The presence of these distinguished companies reflects the fair’s commitment to showcasing innovation and excellence in various industries.

With its expanded scope and diverse exhibition topics, the 134th Canton Fair has become a focal point for industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts alike. It serves as a platform for exploring cutting-edge technologies, exchanging industry insights, and fostering collaborations that extend beyond geographical boundaries. As participants converge to explore the latest trends in new energy vehicles, smart mobility, and other emerging sectors, the fair stands as a testament to the dynamism and evolution of the global marketplace.

China press brake manufacturer- RAYMAX supplies best press brakes for customers in the 134th Canton Fair

RAYMAX is one of the top China press brake manufacturers. RAYMAX participated in the 134th Canton Fair and feels very honoured to introduce RAYMAX’s main products including press brake, shearing machine, hydraulic press machine, fiber laser cutting machine and punching machine. We provide budget hydraulic press brake prices. If you want choose different axis of press brake, we have many choices for you to choose, such as 4 axis press brake, 6 axis press brake and 8 axis press brake and so on.

In the 134th Canton Fair, the person in charge of RAYMAX said, “We met a lot of new customers at the Spring Canton Fair in April, which was a good start. This time, we prepared the exhibits and arranged the booth carefully, in order to let the customers remember which company we are when they look at the business card at the first time, and leave a deep impression.”

On its first day of operation, RAYMAX welcomed many new clients who came to inquire. “We have also participated in many exhibitions both domestically and internationally this year, and the Canton Fair is the largest platform.” The booth manager expressed confidence in this year’s Canton Fair, not only to grab orders at this year’s fair, but also to accelerate the brand’s overseas expansion.

RAYMAX has carefully prepared the company’s traditional advantageous products for exhibition and looks forward to in-depth discussions with customers at the Canton Fair. With the increasing frequency of business exchanges, compared to the 133rd Canton Fair held in April this year, we believe that the popularity of this year’s Canton Fair will be even higher.

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