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The Importance Of Determining The Machining Allowance Of The Press Brake?

When using a press brake, in addition to operating the equipment according to the correct operating methods, attention should also be paid to calculating the machining allowance. The situation of the machining allowance is related to the use of the equipment, and whether the machining allowance is too large or too small can have a certain impact on the use of the equipment. Therefore, targeted calculation and determination of the machining allowance can greatly improve the efficiency of the equipment. Below, we will analyze the importance of determining the machining allowance.

Press Brake

If the precision machining allowance selected by the press brake machine is too large, it will increase the cutting force, thereby affecting the machining accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece. On the contrary, if the precision machining allowance is too small, the errors left by the workpiece in the previous machining process cannot be eliminated, and surface defects, process clamping errors, etc. will add to the workpiece and make it waste. Therefore, the precision machining allowance should be reasonably determined based on the factors that affect the size of the machining allowance.

When using a press brake for material operation, it is required that everyone is proficient in mastering the machine equipment parameters. During the setting process, attention should be paid to setting the machining allowance parameters of the equipment, and then material processing should be carried out according to the requirements. This can ensure that the allowance parameters during the processing meet the requirements and regulations, and not only improve the efficiency of the equipment. It can also extend the service life of the machine.

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