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Understanding A Press Brake –  Complete Guide

Know Your Press Brake

If you have sheet metal bending needs, a press brake machine can surely be a great option for you. The special design and installation of a press brake is to help you. It can bend many types of metal materials.

The convenience and precision of a press brake can mostly appear in industries like automotive, aerospace, and construction. So, this makes it a welcomed sheet metal bending machine worldwide. In this article, you will have a deep learning about press brake, as long as its components and functions.

If you have multiple structures that are now waiting to bent into the needed shape, then the press brake machine can be your best choice. Press brake machines sometimes can be active in the automotive area, you can use them to shape the body cover, the brake pads, the fuel tank, the chassis, the axle housing, and the bumper.

The Frame

press brake machine

The frame is the basement of the press brake, without which you will not have a stable bending process. The component called the frame can support your sheet metal bending process, and give your metal bending a stable, precise condition.

Bed and Ram


A stable and flat platform that is designed for the press brake machine’s producing process. This component aims to ensure the bending process is aligned without any mistakes.


Ram is an important part of sheet metal bending, it is on the upper of the press brake and can give its bending force down on the sheet metal parts you want to bend. It is connected to the punch and has a close touch to the metal so that you can bend the metal parts into the shape you want.



The press brake punch can bend the metal into the shape you want with the help of the die But it will need to endure the great pressures that the press brake gives. So it will be of great importance for you to have a right press brake punch during the sheet metal bending process.




V-Die is the most used type of die in the sheet metal bending industry. The size of the die opening is flexible enough to switch to your needs and can be used on many materials and for different angle needs.

The Rocker Die

This rocker die can glide and slide on the target metal when you are about to bend the metal you want. It is a component that inserted into the punch, can allow the rocker to slide one way to another.

Box Forming Die

This sheet metal bending die called box forming die, can form the sheet metal into the box by using the angle bend on the metal. But if you want to have different lengths of box sides, you may need a short or high enough punch to accommodate the height of the bending box’s sides.

U Bend Die

This U Bend Die is like a channel forming, it has a round bottom. This is designed for some round-bottom metal bending needs. But you may like to handle the spring back issue when you are doing the bending on sheet metal with this die.

Channel Forming Die

This die will allow the punch to press the sheet metal into the die so that it can form 2 angles at the bottom. Could finally form an angular channel.

In the sheet metal bending industry, there are many dies depending on different needs. You may like to check on our latest sheet metal bending machine, The Raymax bending press brake here.

Backgauge System

Precision Control

Backgauge System

An essential component for accurate positioning of the material, ensuring consistent bend angles and lengths.

CNC Control

CNC Control

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems automate the back gauge movement, allowing for programmable sequences and complex bending profiles.

Control Panel

User Interface

The user interface controls and displays the need for your sheet metal bending settings, you can have your bending details set here like angle, depth, and speed.

Safety Features

The press brake safe security includes emergency stop buttons, safety curtains, and interlocks in order to protect the operators while they are doing the bending job.

Overload Protection

Hydraulic and mechanical systems will have overload protection set inside so that it can prevent damage to the machine and tooling.

Press brakes can handle many sizes of bending needs. They can finish your multiple needs of bending capacities. It can use many material types and are designed to meet the multiple production requirements. If you want to select the best press brake for your industry, you may like to consider several factors such as the thickness, the type of material, the product’s required precision. Raymax bending press brakes can meet the demands of your manufacturing, emphasizing precision, and efficiency. Don’t hesitate to contact us for the best quote!

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