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What is press brake protection device? What does it do?

Press brake protection device is a specialized protective device used on the bending machine, aimed at protecting operators from accidental injuries. When a human body or object enters the protected area, an emergency stop signal will be triggered, causing the bending machine to stop running. The protection device of the bending machine is mainly used to protect the fast down process. When the slow down process is reached, the protection function is canceled and the bending can be carried out normally.

press brake protection device

The press brake protection device has the following functions:

1. Detection of human body entry: Through the principle of photoelectric induction, it is possible to detect the situation of human body entering the protected area.

2. Trigger emergency stop: Once a human body is detected entering the protection area, the protection device will immediately trigger an emergency stop signal, causing the bending machine to stop running.

3. Prevention of accidental injury: As the bending machine stops running when the human body enters the protective area, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of accidental injury. In short, the bending machine protection device is an important safety protection device that can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidental injuries and protect the safety of operators.

press brake protection device

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